Leadership assessment

We evaluate and develop managers and management teams so our clients can execute their strategies and reach their goals.

Our process

We map and describe the skills and competencies of the managers in the strategic context of the client.

The process should be considered positive, motivating and inspiring. Through the understanding of yourself as a manager, you enable your further development.

We focus on transparency and comprehensiveness for all parties. Thus we present precise reports on strengths and development areas. 

The process is well founded the candidates own ambitions, and the company's goals and needs. The candidate's strengths will be developed and challenges addressed with specific measures. The candidate and the manager will continue to work with the measures according to a plan designed together with Belsenso. 

The client will also obtain important insights and and advice of their own leadership.

Target groups: Election committees, boards, management teams, executive management, og middle management

Planning and analysis
Communication and project management
Interviews and tests
Reports and feedback