Mindset and Culture

Make it an asset to your organization

Tools beyond the text book

The Mindset and Culture team consists of Bente Sollid Storhaug, Niels Røine, Hulda Haugen, and Torry Pedersen. The team has established, developed and transformed businesses across the globe.

They have the tools and experiences you need to develop the right mindset and culture for your business.

We are facing a major change (Industry 5.0 and Web 3.0) and the world is changing at rapid speed. This affects everyone, also your company. Is your business ready for for this? Are you able to keep your management team and the rest of your organization up to date with all factors influencing your business? Are you prepared and do you possess a common mindset that enable you to take decisions and keep the momentum?

Belsenso Executive offer a tailored program for leadership and culture development looking into the challenges your company are facing now and in the future.

The team

Portrettbilde av Niels Røine, partner

Niels Røine

Portrettbilde av Torry Pedersen, assosiert partner i Belsenso Executive

Torry Pedersen

Portrettbilde av Hulda Haugen, assosiert partner i Belsenso Executive

Hulda Haugen

Portrettbilde av Bente Sollid Storhaug, assosiert partner i Belsenso Executive

Bente Sollid Storhaug

Portrettbilde av Ole Torbjørn Moy, partner i Belsenso Executive

Ole Torbjørn Moy