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The partners at Belsenso have extensive experience from various industries and different functions.

Ole Torbjørn Moy

Managing partner & founder

Ole Torbjørn Moy has a military education from the Norwegian Army (BHSTI) and a mater of Science within political sciences from the University of Bergen. He also have courses within Labour law and Business economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Before starting as a consultant in 1995, Ole Torbjørn had leading positions within the public sector. Ole Torbjørn has global experience within executive search and leadership assessment for more than 25 years.

Portrettbilde av Ole Torbjørn Moy, partner i Belsenso Executive

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Portrettbilde av Niels Røine, partner

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Niels Røine


Niels Røine has worked as a director on a senior level within media, technology and communication in more than 20 countries. Throughout his career he has worked at renown companies like Cisco, Schibsted, VG, Aller, as well as Norwegian sports organizations. He has established and managed businesses in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russias, Baltics and Scandinavia. 

Niels’ considers that good leadership and results requires focus on cooperation: Clients, employees and owners must all share the same vision and have a common understanding on how to get there. Niels states: "In a time where we all agree that change is constant, competition is soaring, globalization is increasing and operating with uncertainties is the new normal, it is decisive to have a culture that can handle this."

Niels is also part of the Mindset and Culture team at Belsenso Executive.

Katrine Toven


Katrine has a Law degree from the University of Oslo and Copenhagen, and has many years of experience from establishing and developing digital services. She has had commercial and analytical roles in a number of Scandinavian companies.

She has worked as recruiting manager and as a professional recruiter and strives to understand to customer's business before finding the right candidate.

Her work experience includes: Teft,, Schibsted, Moods of Norway, Retriever and as a mentor for start-ups at Innovation Norway. 

Portrettbilde av Katrine Toven

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Portrettbilde av Jan Øyri, partner i Belsenso Executive

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Jan Øyri


Jan has extensive, national and international experience from executive positions in some of Norway's biggest industrial companies.

His experience from i.e. Kværner, Norsk Hydro, Aker and Lemminkäinen, has provided Jan with experience and insights on how to establish and develop organizations that are subject to constant change and challenges from internal and external factors. 

As head of HR, HSE, and other areas of business support, Jan has been involved in recruiting, downsizing, competency development, and restructuring in a number of markets. With his diverse experience, Jan will provide advice and insight that comprises the totality of a company's business and strategy. 

Maria Lindland Korvald

Administration and research manager

Maria is our administration and research manager. She has 10 years of experience from HR and recruiting. Maria has previous experience from Aker Solutions, Kværner, Randstad, Tesla Motors and Dignus Medical. 

She has a bachelor in HR and people management from Kristiania University College and University of Berkeley, and a Bachelor in Pedagogy from NTNU.  

Maria is an expert at candidate research and an excellent project manager, that always makes sure that the candidates and our clients are well looked after. 

Portrettbilde av Maria Lindland Korvald, administrasjons- og researchansvarlig i Belsenso Executive

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Portrettbilde av Hulda Haugen, assosiert partner i Belsenso Executive

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Hulda Haugen

Associated partner

Hulda develops organizations and builds culture in private and public organizations. Through her 17 years in Schibsted, Hulda held the position as organizational development director in a period where digital transformation was affecting all parts of the company. She also held the position as VP HR & Organizational Development of Adevinta's business in 30 countries and lead digitalization projects in Oslo municipality. 

She has worked a lot with how companies and organizations have transformed their of working from a traditional to a more modern and agile way of working. A significant part of this is how you involve and communicate a process of change to the organization.

Hulda is part of the Mindset and Culture team at Belsenso Executive.

Tove Presterud


Tove Presterud has many years of international senior management experience in financial positions for listed companies and startups within telecom, energy, and real estate.

Tove has a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Sweden and USA, in addition to management training at Insead and London School of Economics. Her combined theoretical and practical experience also makes her a sought after board member.

Portrettbilde av Tove Presthus, partner i Belsenso Executive

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Portrettbilde av Dr. Tara Swart Bieber, UK partner og coach I Belsenso

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Dr. Tara Bieber

UK Partner & Executive Coach

Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, medical doctor, executive advisor, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan, and author of best-seller ‘The Source’ which has translations in 38 global territories. Tara is passionate about disseminating simple, pragmatic neuroscience-based messages that change the way people live and work. She personally advises a small number of executives via personal recommendation only, and speaks at major conferences globally.

Tara is currently the Chief Science Officer at Heights, was Neuroscience and Psychological Advisor at To Be Magnetic and Chief Neuroscience Officer at Arowana International (Private Equity). Previous residencies include Brown’s Fashion; Annabel’s, a private members’ club in Mayfair; and she was the world’s first Neuroscientist-in-Residence at the Corinthia Hotel, London. Tara was on the EFG Asset Management Future Leaders Panel 2018-19.

In 2020 Tara became the Spokesperson for Aromatherapy Associates and now represents several beauty brands focusing on health, wellbeing and innovative technologies such as the probiotic Symprove.

Bente Sollid Storehaug

Associated partner

Bente has more than 10 years experience as CEO and extensive board experience from both listed companies and tech start-ups. Founded Digital Hverdag (1993), listed as Cell Network in Stockholm in 1999 (market cap SEK 9 billion), today listed as Bouvet ASA on the Oslo Stock Exchange. She has strategic and commercial insights, customer centric focus, and substantial digital and technological knowledge. With her strong interest for sustainability, circular economy and regenerative ecosystems, Bente adds valuable perspectives and considerations in any context 

She has more than 25 years of board experience and currently holds board positions inn seven listed companies.

In addition to her own management training at Insead, Bente is a lecturer at the Norwegian Business School at their executive master's program and at the Scandinavian Executive Institute's international board program. 

Bente is part of the Mindset and Culture team at Belsenso Executive. 

Torry Pedersen

Associated partner

Torry is an award-winning business leader from the media industry with a focus on digitalization. For 22 years he was part of the executive management team in VG. He is a speaker on international media conferences and a well-known profile within the media industry, both in Norway and globally. 

Torry is also an experienced board member and currently is part of around 20 different boards. 

Torry is part of the Mindset and Culture team at Belsenso Executive.