About us

Belsenso means Good intentions. We empower your strategy and ability to execute.

Our story

Belsenso specialises in executive search, leadership assessment, coaching, and organizational development within the following industries: Energy, shipping, aquaculture and fisheries, industry, finance and insurance, sports and NGOs, and media and communication.

Belsenso was founded in 2000 by Ole Torbjørn Moy and Jan Fredrik Eriksen. Together they established Belsenso as a key player within their line of industries. In 2021 Belsenso changed name to Belsenso Executive. Throughout the years, Belsenso Executive has managed over 1 100 projects, whereof 50% international.

The partners at Belsenso Executive have broad international management experience from a variety of organizations. Our main office is in Oslo, and we are also present in Bergen/Øystese on Norway's west coast.

Our mission

By selecting the right management and key personnel, we enable your power to execute and solidify your strategy. With qualified methodology and extensive track record, Belsenso Executive is a flexible partner for your organization. 

We also offer:

  • Mindset and Culture: A program to develop cultural aspects within your organization
  • Leadership assessment: A program for evaluating management teams and corporate boards
  • Coaching: Individual leadership coaching

Our values


We are a trustworthy partner where confidentiality and loyalty is key. 


We keep our promises, and doesn't promise more than we can keep. 


We do not compromise on quality. And by quality we mean detailed planning, thoroughness, first-rate processes, and pride in what we do. 


Our partners take equal pride in all our projects.


We offer a flexible and functional process in close cooperation with our clients and our candidates. 

Why Belsenso?

We increase your chances of finding the right candidate

We conduct a cost efficient, quick, and professional process adjusted to your needs. 

We know your industry

Our partners have extensive experience and network within your industry. This guarantees an effective and targeted process.

Social responsibility

Every year, Belsenso Executive takes on pro bono assignments for NGOs and humanitarian foundations.

Belsenso in brief

More than 22 years of experience

Assignments on six continents and 24 cities

95% returning clients

98% success rate

Over 1 100 completed projects

50% international projects

Global projects